Rise And Shine | STORKMAN


Documentary, 2020
AGING, Society

Documentary, Croatia / Italy 2020
Runtime: 75 min. / 58 min.
Director: Tomislav Jelinčić
Production: Antitalent / Transmedia



Shot in the wing by hunters, 28 years ago, Malena was left crippled and grounded for ever. Stjepan saved her life by taking her under his wing. Ever since, the two of them have been spending time together, looking forward to the arrival of yet another spring and warm weather.


In 2002 Malena found the love of her life on the roof of Stjepan’s garage. Klepetan, as Stjepan named him, returns to Malena every year and together they have raised more than 60 baby storks. Alas, every autumn brings a sad farewell – together with other storks Klepetan sets out on a long journey to Africa, leaving Malena behind alone in the village.


Without Stjepan taking care of her, she wouldn’t be able to survive winter and welcome her Klepetan back. And what about Stjepan, what would he do without Malena? Years go by, seasons change, bitter autumns follow joyous springs. This is a story of Malena, Klepetan and Stjepan, and their deep devotion for one another … and also about profound loneliness.


Festivals: Festival Dei Popoli 2020, Liburnija film Festival


Awards: Audience Award @ Liburnija film Festival