Rise And Shine | HOSPITALITY


Documentary, Germany 2022
Health, Politics, Society, Women Filmmaker

Documentary, Germany 2022
Runtime: 93 min. / 57 min.
Director: Antje Schneider
Production: Kloos & Co. OST


Hospital manager David Thies has a vision of a new kind of hospital: one designed as a comfortable patient hotel where organic food is served and everyone is treated as a guest regardless of their health insurance category. A place where innovative care concepts are combined with attention to privacy, safety and improved working conditions for the staff. An ambitious plan, but David is a pioneer, somebody who wants to set standards.

Cutting privileges of doctors in exchange for quality in health care, David has come to make a change. Will he be able to cut of the health system‘s old braids?


FESTIVALS: Max Ophüls Preis 2022