Documentary, Series 4x52
Education, History, Philosophy, Society

Documentary, Series, Germany 2022
Runtime: 4×52 min.
Director: Michael Schmitt, Max Langfeldt, Thorsten Glotzmann, Katharina Woll
Production: Weltrekorder


The Age of Enlightenment from today’s perspective: following Denis Diderot and the quest for knowledge, Thomas Jefferson and the idea of equality, Olympe de Gouges and the fight for freedom, Immanuel Kant and the concept of responsibility. A truly innovative documentary series.


The period of Enlightenment began three hundred years ago. The goal was to bring progress, reason and self-determination instead of myths and ideologies. This 4×52 min documentary series – produced with ARTE – follows the traces of historic Enlightenment thinkers Denis Diderot, Olympe de Gouges, Thomas Jefferson and Immanuel Kant. In four episodes, we’re putting their ideas to the test, investigating their heritage in the present world: the principle of science and knowledge, the idea of democracy and universal human rights, justice and equality, freedom and responsibility.


The series is hosted by Norwegian AI entrepreneur Anita Schjøll Brede, political scientist Emilia Roig, founder of the Berlin Center for Intersectional Justice, German actress Pegah Ferydoni and the Austrian philosopher Armen Avanessian. Our hosts travel the world, from Europe (Paris, London, Oxford, Oslo, Berlin, Zurich) to Ghana, Benin, Martinique, China and the United States, meeting the most important Enlightenment thinkers, artists and intellectuals of the present.