Rise And Shine | ANDREAS BAADER – Life Of A Public Enemy

ANDREAS BAADER – Life Of A Public Enemy

Documentary, Germany 2010






Documentary D 2010
Runtime: 58 min.
Director: Klaus Stern
Production: Klaus Stern


The RAF (Red Army Faction) proved to be the biggest and most brutal terror organization in post-war West-Germany. Their actions culminated in the „German Autumn“ of 1977 which led to a national crisis. The RAF at the time became a symbol for „successful“ terrorism across Europe. Andreas Baader was the founder of the RAF, and in the 1970s the most wanted man in the country. He shook the democratic foundations of the State like nobody else. 30 years after the dramatic days of the „German Autumn“ and Baader’s suicide in Stammheim-prison, the myths and mysteries that surround him rather grow than get less. Who was he really, the RAF-terrorist Andreas Baader?

„Andreas Baader – Life Of A Public Enemy“ reveals archive footage and facts some of which were never shown before. It explicitly looks at the private Baader. For the first time, the mother of his daughter, Ello Michel, reads from his love letters to her. The film characterizes a spoilt mummy´s boy and a narcist attention seeker without any moral scruples. Tactically and politically totally focussed on his goals, which he pursued mercilessly and with utmost violence. When he finally was arrested in 1972, Baader appeared like a fallen popstar.


Festivals (Selection):
Max Ophüls Preis 2011/Germany, DokFest Kassel 2010/Germany