Rise And Shine | I Want My Country Back

I Want My Country Back

Tea Party


Geopolitics, Society

Documentary, Germany 2012
Runtime: 58 min.
Director: Astrid Schult
Production: Eikon Südwest


In the year of the presidential elections, America is fighting relentlessly with itself, with its driving forces being it infurieated citizens: supporters and sypathizers of the Tea Party movement. The dissatisfied, the disappointed and the unassured have come together in countless groups. Ben Cunningham from Nashville, Tennessee has been fighting for years for the ownership rights and against tax increases. He wants the US government to keep out of the local politics and his private life. Ken Marrero transports pallets for a living and wants to teach his five kids at home together with his wife rather than letting teachers from public schools manipulate them. Ken doesn’t want to receive any state handouts. He would rather take the crappiest of jobs than stand in line for food stamps. Tess St. Clair and Ralph Weber bought a campervan after 9/11 so that they can get themselves to safety, if another terrorist attack should occur. All of them are against Obama being re-elected.
The documentary ‘I want my country back’ takes us on a journey into the spiritual life of conservative Americans in the ‘Heartland’ – a place where ultra-traditional American values are upheld, where local politics, federalism and independence from Washington are preached. The film portrays, in an impressive and highly emotional manner, just how deeply divided today’s America is.