Rise And Shine | Don’t Give A Fox

Don’t Give A Fox

Documentary, Denmark 2019
Coming Of Age, Feminism, LGBT, Sports, Women

Documentary, Denmark/Germany 2019
Runtime: 87 min., 45 min., 5×26 min.
Director: Kaspar Astrup Schröder
Production: Good Company Production


The girl skate crew – Don’t Give A Fox – is skating their way through life. The crew is a diverse group of girls that all have a passion for life, parties and skateboarding. They party hard and enjoy hanging out with each other as an escape from the everyday challenges they face. While skating, Sofie falls and breaks her foot and is not able to skate for months, so she arranges a road trip across the country. Much is at stake, and the journey poses a challenge of finding out where they come from and who it is, they really want to become. Don’t Give A Fox is a coming of age story about a unique friendship in a skateboarding crew and explores the struggles of being young and vulnerable.


Festivals: CPH:DOX 2019