Rise And Shine | THE JOURNEY


A Story Of Love
Health, Kids & Family, Women Filmmaker

Documentary, Switzerland 2018
Runtime: 85 min. / 52 min.
Director: Fanny Bräuning
Production: Hugofilm




A man and a woman travel through the world in a camper van: Niggi, a passionate photographer, and Annette, the love of his life, paralysed from the neck down for the last 20 years. With courage, wit and charm they wrest from life, what it still holds worth living for.

But what happens to love, when the circumstances of life change so drastically? Full of curiosity and wonder the filmmaker (and daughter) Fanny Bräuning goes in search of answers. The result is an enheartening film, a gripping homage to life and a must for all those who still want to believe in love.


Festivals: DokLeipzig 2018, Solothurn Film Tage, Shanghai IFF, MakeDox, Bosifest, Assim Vivimos, Tartu FF, Over The Rhin FF, Inclus Barcelona Guangzhou Doc, Festival Lyon du Handicap, HER FF, Cinedoc Tiblisi, Gran Pantella Barcelona, Salem IFF


Awards: Prix de Soleure 2019